Trainings Offered by JUST Circles

All trainings incorporate some usage of the Circle Process, Power Points, Experiential Learning, Role Plays and often also include homework where applicable.

Basics of Restorative and Transformative Practices

In this session(s) we explore the principles and roots of restorative and transformative practices and how they are used in various settings.  Participants will better understand the potential of these practices and how they are applied in community, schools, prisons, and even at home in our everyday lives.


The Art and Origin of Circle Process

This session(s) covers the origin of circle, circle keeping/facilitation, and we will explore ideas for a various types of circles.  This training is experiential where participants will sit in circle while learning about its core components.


Restorative Discipline and Navigating Conflict in Circle

Building on the previous session(s) on “the art and origin of circle process,” we explore how the circle process can be used to address conflict when it arises in community settings.  Through a combination of case studies and role-plays, we will work through the various layers of conflict transformation and resolution and learn what conferencing circles are.


Understanding Negative Behavior and Responding to it in a Restorative Transformational Way

Using Linda Albert’s Cooperative Discipline Model for understanding behavior we will look at ways in which we can respond to those behaviors and ways in which we can set the stage proactively to minimize negative behavior and support positive healthier relationships through the use of Circles and Restorative Transformational Practices.


Cultural Responsiveness: Constructing Identity: Race, Class, Gender & Sexuality

In this session(s) we work with you and your team to design a personalized training that best meets the needs of your population, mission and goals. Our role in this training is often as a facilitator of the dialogue needed to move the conversation and the personal and organizational growth forward around topics of race, class, gender and sexuality forward!

We recognize that for many communities these topics are often taboo and so we work to create a safe and authentic space for the conversation to begin and for growth to be supported in ourselves and in those around us!

Our goal is to build and support healthy functioning communities of respect.

Life Skills Circle Series

For this series we work with you and your team to design a personalized life skills series that best meets the needs of your population/age(s), mission and goals. We often look at the internal self and move to external self and its relationship in/with community through

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