Life Skills

Life Skills Dialogue Groups & Gender Specific Groups

Kendra will work with you and your team to design a personalized life skills series that best meets the needs of your population, mission and goals. Below is an example outline of what an 8 week dialogue series content might look like:

Internal Self: The WORLD within us!

Week 1:  Introductions – Your story. How do we define ourselves? How do others define us?

 Week 2:  Cultural Responsiveness & Constructing Identity: Race, Class, Gender & Sexuality: Who are we and do we see those around us, exploring stereotypes and prejudices

 Week 3: Self-Expressions & Social and Emotional Literacy – Anger, Grief, Sadness, Loss, Happiness, Appreciation, Self Love, Celebration

 Week 4:  Self-care and Dealing with Stress: Emotional and Spiritual Health, Physical Health, Sexual Health

External Self : The WORLD around us!

 Week 5: Communication skills: Speaking, listening, writing and reading effectively

 Week 6: Financial Literacy: Banking, Budgeting, Credit, Cost of Living, Saving & Spending $

 Week 7 :Careers and Higher Education: Exploring various pathways to attaining your goals in life, Goal Planning

 Week 8: Finalize personal goal plans, celebration – Certificates of  Completion

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